Photo by  Jenn Byrne

Photo by Jenn Byrne

Hi, I'm Donny

I love taking photos - especially ones that tell a story or capture a special emotion in a real, natural way.  I love being outside and exploring new, exciting places.  My favorite type of shoot is one with just me and a couple, when we can go to an awesome place and explore together.  It's so much more like hanging out and less like a photo shoot.  I think photography should be fun for everyone so I keep everything relaxed and light hearted.

Some of my interests include: Being outside, traveling podcasts, crossword puzzles, and pizza.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or just to tell me about your upcoming big day.  I'm always up to sit down over coffee or a beer to get to know each other.  So fill out my contact form or shoot me an email and let's start telling your story!